Soulful Sunday with Meghann Young

This is not your typical yoga class! Creative movement and asana sequencing created with recovery and restoration for the mind, body, and soul. We will begin or end with a meditation/breathing practice. Soulful Sunday has creative playlists with a message to uplift and inspire you to be your best in the week to follow.

Class Length: 1 hour

(Every 4 weeks)
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Meghann Young
I am grateful to have discovered yoga and begin my practice at the perfect time in this journey we call life. As I was training for the 2015 Veterans World Championship for women's freestyle wrestling, I attended a Bikram hot yoga class. The class was very challenging, but what spoke to my mind, body, and soul was the connection of breath I found to my movement and heartbeat. Since experiencing this peaceful bliss, I dove into my yoga practice and have transformed and evolved to how I now live my daily life. I have been teaching high school physics and chemistry for 17 years, and now am taking my experience in the classroom to the yoga mat. My passion in life and dharma (work) is to lift others up to their highest potential. Namaste.

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