Slow Flow Yoga with The Wanderlust Professor

Slow Flow Yoga provides poses that range from gentle to challenging, but done with stable, self-centering energy. The pace of this class is slower and emphasis is placed on safe alignment and slow breathing. The toned-down speed of this class still allows for the building of strength, stability, and flexibility. This makes it particularly well-suited to newer students.

Class Length: 1 hour

(Every 4 weeks)
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Julie Neighbors
Julie began her yoga journey in 2001 with a desire to find a healthy fitness routine that would honor her whole body. Over the decades her practice came and went, always revitalized when grounding was needed. However, in 2016 life changes drew Julie back into yoga as she searched to recapture peace, stability and re-connection with herself. Already a teacher in the community, Julie felt drawn to further her yoga experience by attending Yoga Teacher Training. Her goal is to bring the calming and centering practice of yoga to her local community. Completing her Yoga Teacher Training with Horizon Healing Center in 2020, her focus is on increasing physical flexibility and guiding people through the practice of self-care fitness.

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