PREVIEW Victory Through a Positive Mental Attitude with Nana-Adwoa

It is possible to develop a victorious mind even in the midst of negative news, people, or
situations that surround us. Many experts have warned us that too much exposure to toxic news, negatively impacts our lives and it could lead to disorders like PTSD. If you find yourself wanting to shed the stress and anxiety that negative thinking creates but you are confused on how to make it happen, you have come to the right class. Lifestyle editor and business minded Nana wants to help you get into a victorious mindset and live life like a boss. PMA is the key to success in all areas of life.
She will share the 17 Victorious Principles for a Positive Mental Attitude which include:
• Developing Definiteness of Purpose
• Establishing a Mastermind Alliance
• Using Applied Faith
• Cultivating Creative Vision
These tools will inspire and encourage you to conquer your challenges and live life victoriously.

Length of Class: 1 hour

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