Sarah Alt

Sarah Alt discovered yoga after contending with the effects of Hypermobility Syndrome and the resulting injuries.​A focus on slower movement, a core-strengthening approach and deepening knowledge of physiology and kinesiology has helped alleviate joint instability, pain and malalignment issues.​A few years later, with a consistent practice, yoga has been and continues to be transformational on a physical and psychological level. Exploring, researching and navigating the effects of trauma, PTSD and C-PTSD has steered Sarah into integrating yoga as an effective method to manage symptoms and to promote the healing process. Pursuing yoga teacher certification during a period of life upheaval provided much-needed grounding, a strong sense of community, stability, knowledge and direction so she can share and teach the restoring, calming and empowering aspects of yoga to others. She received her RYT-200 from Perennial Yoga in Fitchburg, WI.​Sarah has been active from a very young age, including multiple team sports, has immersed herself in the studies of trauma therapy, and holds a deep understanding of the innate need to connect with nature, humanity and to our bodies.​A creative spirit, she carries her artfulness and her love for expression through movement to her practice, her teaching, and her everyday life.​She also has been known to sing show tunes in the shower, drag her friends onto the dance floor, or have her nose buried in a good book.​Sarah is also trained in and is pursuing additional education and certifications in teaching trauma-sensitive yoga, in the psychological, physiological and behavioral manifestation of trauma, and the benefits and practice of somatic experiencing through UW-Madison, The Somatic Movement Center, The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine and the Sensory-Enhanced Yoga Institute.​RYT-200 RYT-500 in training Certified Exercise Instructor in training: Somatic Movement Center Certified Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Teacher B.A. Political Science UW-Madison

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