Mygella Akosua
Mygella Akosua, ‘ITAL MOMMA’, was born in Surinam in 1995. At the age of 9 she migrated to Saint Martin along with her family. In 2011 she moved to Amsterdam to pursue higher education. This is when she started experimenting with her spices in the kitchen. As a little girl she would always see her mom creating these delicious dishes and thought to herself: “It shouldn’t be that hard right?”. In time she started getting compliments from family and friends, which boosted her confidence in the kitchen. Cooking has become her meditation; it brings out the artist in her and allows her to create unique dishes. In 2016 Mygella Akosua first tried transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle , but her body, mind, and spirit were not yet fully committed. She is now aware of how it benefits her body and feels as though her soul was craving this change. A plant-based lifestyle allows our body to better absorb the nutrients from foods that support our immune system, giving our body what it needs to fight off diseases

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