Michelina Payetta
Michelina is a E-YRT 200 and RYT 500 certified yoga teacher via yoga alliance. She is also certified in 30 hours of Bhakti Yoga training. Yoga is Michelina’s lifestyle. She is happy to offer the gift of yoga as you can open it up to be whatever you want it to be. Whether this gift of yoga fuels your body, mind, heart, or soul, Michelina is there to offer yoga in any or all of these entities. Michelina feels that we all come to yoga at different points of our life and the mat space is a place that we can take that journey, as then it assists beyond the mat. Michelina likes to weave in themes and practical thoughts throughout her classes, tells mythological stories of yoga in correlation to class, and sometimes plays the harmonium. Prior to joining StayIn, Michelina taught yoga in Orange County, Long Beach, and Temecula Valley in California. Michelina also took a journey of teaching yoga in Portland, Oregon. One of Michelina’s Portland ventures involved having a yoga studio of her own. Michelina currently teaches yoga in Santa Clarita, California. She also teaches physical education for middle school students in Palmdale School District, California. Of course, she incorporates yoga. When Michelina is not teaching the kiddos at school or teaching yoga, you can find her on a hike, exploring the outdoors, taking yoga herself, studying yoga, playing her harmonium, or hanging out with her loved ones and kitty cats.

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