Coach Cara

Hi, I’m Coach Cara. I help people make sustainable changes toward better movement. My classes are designed to reinforce strength in functional movement patterns. We’ll light the core up so you’re using it more mindfully as you live a strong life. Do you occasionally have pain while exercising but want to be able to use movement as medicine? I learned how to resistance train to get over an injury I had from a car accident years ago, and because of that I decided being a personal trainer. I am certified through American Council on Exercise as a Personal Trainer, I am a Corrective Exercise Specialist with NASM, and I am a life coach certified by Seattle Life Coach Training I obtained a bachelors degree back in 2015. Everything that I’ve done in my life has culminated into working in my own business helping others create sustainable wellness solutions. This class will help you revision a more sustainable workout routine for yourself, especially if you’re a high performance professional working 40+ hrs a week at a desk job. I got you!

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