Roll, Relax and Restore with Susan Grosso

Come join Susan for a Roll Relax and Restore class via Zoom. We will take you through a blend of foam rolling - therapy ball rolling - gentle stretching and yoga poses. Learn how to heal your body - prevent injuries and relieve stress. Finally, we will introduce you to the pliability program: pliability is targeted deep force muscle work that helps to lengthen, soften, and prime your muscle. This program is for all levels and all ages. If you want to feel better and move better, this class if for you! You will need a yoga mat, foam roller, yoga balls, and a stretch band.

Length of Class: 1 hour

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Susan Grosso
Weight loss and Injury prevention is Susan's specialty. She is both a functional personal trainer and has a therapeutic yoga certification, being in the fitness industry for 35 years. Her style of training is a blend of yoga and pilates, developing program working around injuries.

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